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Why Life Medical Response

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  • Life Medical Response is honored to provide public education to the local communities we serve. We strive to educate the public on how to become proactive thus enhancing the overall efforts of our company's objective of saving lives. Classes are held for citizens and health care professionals in CPR, pediatric safety, emergency response, health, EMS awareness, and first aid.


  • Life Medical Response is driven to make education, clinical operations, medical oversight, orientation, and training of all EMS employees a top priority. We make sure each employee knows and understands our standing orders, protocols, and our policy and procedures. We have in place, designated Field Training Officers and Preceptors that are responsible for the orientation of new employees and the continued training of active Paramedics and EMTs.  Life Medical Response will provide a work environment in which employees will be given opportunities to demonstrate and apply their skills and training. Additionally, advancement opportunities will be sought for those employees who wish to further their training or education.  Life Medical Response recognizes and rewards all employees that reflect these principles in their dealings with the public, business clients, customers, patients and fellow employees.

 Medical Direction:

  • Dr. Thomas E. Charlton, MD, FACEP, FAEMS, is the Medical Director for Life Medical Response. The Medical Director is responsible for medical control and direction of all licensed EMS personnel within our company. The Medical Director also oversees the approval of standing orders and protocols related to the provision of ALS and First Responder services. The Medical Director evaluates a variety of new or existing programs and activities involving dispatchers, EMT-IVs, paramedics, and first responders as part of an overall approach to system oversight and improvement.



Who We Are

Life Medical Response is a privately owned and operated 24 hour ambulance transport company...

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Due to our substantial growth we are currently seeking qualified EMTs and Paramedics...

"Making a difference one LIFE at a time..."