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Who We Are


Who We Are:

Life Medical Response is a privately owner and operated 24 hour emergency and non-emergency ambulance transport company. We are here to serve our local communities and area hospitals with our state certified, top of the line and clinically focused ambulance units. We are 911 compliant and are available to be a primary or secondary responder based upon the area we serve. With a history of known and proven success we strive to continue to provide the highest level of care possible for the patients in which we are responsible for during transportation as well as maintain a level of professionalism that is second to none.

The primary purpose of Life Medical Response is to honor God in all that we attempt to achieve. We will endeavor to fulfill this goal by operating according to the biblical principles of:

  • Integrity- We will be a reliable service provider who is responsible both internally and externally to the needs of all stakeholders and whose word is honored in all respects.
  • Honesty- We will be honest and truthful in all dealings with our external stakeholders and with each other.
  • Kindness-We will provide compassionate with all those we serve and benevolent to all who need our care.
  • Compassion-We will convey our caring and compassion to all we encounter.



Due to our substantial growth we are currently seeking qualified EMTs and Paramedics...

"Making a difference one LIFE at a time..."

Who We Are

Life Medical Response is a privately owned and operated 24 hour ambulance transport company...


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